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Lol I remember me and a friend were missing with Dan Mandel on fb and he  got so fucking pissed because we insulted his cheep ass jacket and pubic hair beard.


Yeah I have a feeling he was messing with you right back by pretending to be pissed. :-)

Anonymous said: Who runs the Dan Vs page?

Dan himself. :-)

Anonymous said: I read from The Hub's facebook wall that Dan Vs. isn't really over! Is this true? Are you going to work on it again?

As of now, there are no plans for more episodes. Literally the ENTIRE cast and crew has left and most have gotten new work.  I visited our offices this week, and they are a ghost town - empty cubicles, locked empty offices…

But all MAY not be lost. A few folks behind the scenes are working VERY hard to try and see if we can put out possibly a 12-episode 4th season.  We would not be seeing new episodes until 2014 at the earliest, but it IS a possibility.  There have been behind the scenes mumblings about it, and so don’t get TOO excited until there is official word, but you can consider it NOT officially “dead” yet.

As it stands, the show has not been officially “cancelled” but there are no new episodes currently in production.  I’m sorry to leave you hanging on this, but I wanted to let you know the latest.

NEWSIES FANS! Looking for last 2 trading cards from set - have more for trade

Hey there NEWSIES Musical fans - I am looking to track down the last two NEWSIES trading cards that I don’t have.  When I went to the show on Broadway at the Nederlander a year ago, I bought the merchandise and thought I got a complete set, but as it turns out, I am missing two of them:

HENRY - Kyle Coffman

KNOBS - Mike Fatica

I have literally ALL the rest (including the two Les and Barney Peanuts), and I would be happy to trade any of them for either of these two (I got two full sets) so PLEASE let me know if you have them, and I would love to work something out.

I am a collector, and a completist, so it would really mean a lot to me.  Please contact me through here, and we can go from there.

Thank you Fansies!

cosmic-angst said: Do you think we should also try and contact The Hatchery, LLC and Film Roman, Inc. or are they not responsible for this sort of thing?

Both The Hatchery and Film Roman are the show’s biggest supporters, and they are truly wonderful people, but unfortunately there is very little that they can do to bring back more episodes of the show. Showing you support them can’t hurt, but they are not the ones who can officially cause a continued greenlight.

Trust me when I say both of them would love the show to continue, and both have done nearly everything in their power to make it happen thus far.

Let me repeat that if/when you do contact THE HUB in support of the show – please take extreme measures to be POLITE, SUPPORTIVE, CARING, AND FRIENDLY. Nothing good will come of rude or mean spirited contact, even if you think you are being clever and approaching it in a funny “Dan–like” manner.

Be nice, be polite, and make your voice heard. I’m not saying that it will definitely work, but it is worth a try.

Anonymous said: I Created the account so i think we gotta get all the dan vs fans to come together and start a hashtag if family guy and futurama did it im pretty sure we can too

Do it up!

Let me know the name of the page, and the hash tags you will be using on Twitter, and I will do everything in my power to support, tweet and direct traffic as I can.

Send any hashtags to me @falvey_patrick and I will be happy to retweet.

Dan forever!

teefteefers said: We are Called the Dandom! :> And we are here to help! But out of Curiousity, And i'm sooo sorry cause i know you guys get like bludgeoned with this Question, But, When are the DvD Release dates? Also i just wanna say that this is the first show that has made me legitamately laugh in forever. It just makes me sooo happy Eeee. <3 All of the characters and voiceacting is so lively and it's honestly probably my favorite Show/Cartoon. I Really hope it doesn't end! Lots of Luck/Love!! O v O<3

Believe me when I say that we are so thankful to have such wonderful, passionate, and loving fans as yourself!

And I love the name “The Dandom!” That’s awesome.

As for further DVDs beyond season one, to my knowledge there are none currently planned. I will be honest – the sales Fourseason one did not like the market on fire, so there wasn’t a giant rush to do more. However, if you are interested in more DVDs to be released (and maybe even BLU-Rays, as the show looks AMAZING in HD, speaking as someone who saw all 53 episodes in full HD source rendering), contact both THE HUB, and Anchor Bay Entertainment. Anchor Bay released the DVD of Season One, and they would most likely handle Seasons 2&3 if the demand is there.

However, as I stated, I do not know of any current plans for releasing further seasons on disc. The team responsible for the artwork and the content of the S1 DVD box set has not been called on to do anything further at this time (Which is not to say that other people might not work on it instead, I’m just saying that the folks that did the first set didn’t do any work on anything further). If I find out any more information on this, I will let you know. Believe me, I would love to have all 53 episodes on disc myself!


Hey friends – in case any of your interested in following me on Twitter, you can find me at @falvey_patrick.

But please be warned – most of my Twitter posts are political in nature, as I am rather outspoken about my somewhat liberal viewpoint, and other than politics, I mostly discuss TV, movies, my puppy, and theater (hopefully humorously).

I just don’t want anyone to start following me on Twitter expecting daily updates on DAN VS. Though I DO speak from time to time about the show, most of my DAN VS information is posted on Tumblr.

Anonymous said: why don't we create a hashtag on twitter like #BringDanBack or #FanVs to the hub just to make them even more aware of the fans?

Do it!

And get the fans to organize behind it so that it begins to trend. And don’t be afraid to include a connection to THE HUB in your tweets. They have always been big supporters of the show, despite the fact that there are no additional episodes planned. They love Dan but it’s an issue of business/money more than anything.

Show them (politely & respectfully) that you love the show and want to see more. But PLEASE DO NOT BE RUDE, PROFANE, MEAN, OR INSULTING. Once again, there was no ill will about the show finishing its current order. No one was “fired” or treated badly. There simply is no future plan for more episodes at this time.

The only way THE HUB will react in a positive way is if you are friendly, nice, caring, and supportive about the show and the network.

They’re good people, and they always supported our little show. Please show them the same love and support and respect they showed us as you continue to show your own support for DAN VS.

woodelle said: Dan VS is the reason I'm still alive. It is my best friend. Someday, I'll have a cat named Mr. Mumbles.

We are so glad that you love the show. Keep the fan flames burning, and be sure to post pictures of the future Mr. Mumbles when you get her.

Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for being such a wonderful fan. :-)